Magical mushrooms

Tessa Geniets
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Hand-drawn mushrooms for a natural or magical vibe to bring your game, or whatever else you may need them for to the next level! These mushrooms are usable as standalone items or combined together. The environmental additions help you tie them all together into a whole

All the files are properly organized by mushroom design, in each file, you can find all 16 color variations and their corresponding effects which you can switch on or off. These files can be opened in any program that supports layered .pdf files.
Each file is roughly 15-20cm (5-7,5in) so they can be used as background elements as well as icons. The transparent backgrounds make them useful in any setting, even as an object one could interact with.

- This pack contains editable and layered PDF files drawn in photoshop. No effects native to Photoshop are applied, so it should work just fine in any program that can open layered .PDF files like Photoshop, GIMP and Krita.
- This pack also contains preview .jpg's, they're not for use, but help you to navigate quickly to your preferred mushroom type and corresponding file.

- Glow effect of the caps can be disabled or enabled.
- White spots can be disabled or enabled.
- Other glow effects can be disabled or enabled (swirls, specks, and background). Each mushroom has its own glow effects, but most of them can be mixed and matched. The only exception is the swirly glow effect for the ' minishrooms'.
- Each mushroom consists out of the following layers:
1: Whites
2: Cap
3: Stem
4: Glow (cap)
5: Effect
6: Gills (only for the one showing gills).
- The environmental elements are drawn in such a way that they can make a nice variety of differently looking microenvironments while using the same elements over and over again.
- The glow effects are also isolated from the mushrooms for further editing.

- 3 mushroom designs
- 18 color variations each
- 4 different glow effects in 6 color variations each, including cap glow
- 9 different environmental elements
- Removable white spots on the cap

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An art pack for games and other projects, filled with mushrooms, glow effects and environmental elements.

Three different customizable mushroom designs
Layered filed for easy customization
Several glow effects
Environmental elements to help ground your mushrooms
18 color variations per mushroom type
995 MB

Magical mushrooms

0 ratings
I want this!